Chinese Horror Explained Ep 04 - FRIGHTENING EMBROIDERY SHOES

Chinese Horror Explained Ep 04 - FRIGHTENING EMBROIDERY SHOES

Horrorific content by TheArtyDans on October 15th, 2020 | Culture | Chinese Horror Movies Explained

Welcome back to our series on Chinese Horror Movies Explained, where we explore the wacky, silly and crazy world of C-Horror movies and explain to you how the filmmakers get around the strict regulations and censorship imposed upon them by the Chinese government.

In this fourth episode we return to something that is familiar – Filmoon movies. The studio that’s responsible for the most ridiculous scenarios and obtuse explanations presents this movie: Frightening Embroidery Shoes. This movie easily has one of the best titles for any movie we will ever look at in this series.

In this movie, we follow An Wen, a woman who is on the edge of major psychological breakdown. She’s drugged up to the eyeballs and is seeing the ghost of a mysteriously elegant woman called Xiuxua (pronounced Shoe Sha). Xiuxia loves embroided shoes, and gives An Wen a pair to lay at the gravesite of her recently departed grandmother.

An Wen’s fiancée is keen to ensure she keeps taking her medication. He has his sights set on her grandmother’s mansion, but the sudden appearance of An Lin, her brother who lives in the USA, throws a spanner in the works.

Filmed in an elegant mansion with the world’s most dustiest floors, this location has been re-used many, many times in many other Filmoon movies we will look at in this series. Not only do Filmoon recycle the same actors, the love recycling this house too!

Check out the video below as we dive into the world of An Wen, her brother, the world’s most dustiest house and a pair of the most ugliest embroided shoes ever.

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