Chinese Horror Explained Ep 03 - LOVE MOTEL

Chinese Horror Explained Ep 03 - LOVE MOTEL

Horrorific content by TheArtyDans on October 05th, 2020 | Culture | Chinese Horror Movies Explained

Welcome back to our series on Chinese Horror Movies Explained, where we explore the wacky, silly and crazy world of C-Horror movies and explain to you how the filmmakers get around the strict regulations and censorship imposed upon them by the Chinese government.

In this third episode we are going to look at something that isn’t ridiculous. This movie is actually pretty decent.

Released back in 2012, this C-Horror film eschews the ridiculous for the psychological.

Two ex-lovers, who are also journalists at the same magazine, are tasked with find out more about a murder that has happened in a distant town. Due to the length of their journey, and the pouring rain, they decide to check into the closest hotel – the aptly named “Truth Motel”. Not Love Motel, because that would have been a completely different type of motel.

While in the hotel, they are witness to brutal murders and are being chased by a masked knife wielding killer.

Or are they?

This movie is different from what we will usually cover in this series in that its create a more captivating storyline with minimal plot holes that makes sense. But there are still restrictions enforced on it.

So find out how they get around those restrictions by checking out the video below. Enjoy.

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