Check Out TromaMovies' Exorsisters

Check Out TromaMovies' Exorsisters

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on September 05th, 2018 | Culture, Videos |

While we were plowing through hysterical Exorcist rip-offs of the 1970s, we had one last nugget that wouldn’t fit into the rest of the narrative: Exorcist parodies. Well, truly, we ran out of room

Not everybody may be aware that the legendary Troma Entertainment, creators of some of our wackiest corners of horror culture, also makes shorts which they post to their YouTube channel. And out of that fine brew has emerged Exorsisters, a rib-tickling parody of general exorcism horror tropes. And The Nun is opening soon, so you might as well have some more nuns.

So check ‘em out below. YouTube commenters responded to the first one clamoring for more, so they’ve become their own fun little series. Not substantial enough to become their own feature, but just right for the Troma team to blow off a little steam at the end of the day.


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