Bite-Size Horror - Halloween Candy Commercials

Bite-Size Horror - Halloween Candy Commercials

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on October 06th, 2018 | Culture, Videos |

Is it ever too early for Halloween candy commercials? Not when you consider that we’re looking forward to two months of Christmas commercials being crammed down our throats.

From time to time, candy companies outdo themselves with TV commercials that work as minor cinematic masterpieces all their own. Take, for instance, this urban office nightmare for Skittles:

Here’s a classic Snickers commercial that went viral a couple years back. You’ve seen the GIF of this one running around the Interwebs. It probably hit a nerve for a lot of viewers because that get-up is the perfect blend of Halloween and Psycho. Imagine this abomination charging at you with an ax...

And how about this ultra-hammy take on the Sleepy Hollow legend - and boy, what happened to that franchise, eh?

And finally, here’s a tolerable top-10 anthology of spooky commercials for all manner of whatnot:

If you have any doubts about what to buy for the Halloween season, consult the hilarious Vox candy ranking guide.

But honestly, what are we supposed to do anymore? Now there’s peanut allergies, so candy with peanuts is out. Most chocolate is manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts too, so chocolate is out. Everything else has gluten, so all candy is out. The Present Author has considered building budget Magic: The Gathering decks out of my loose collection of junk cards to hand out, but knowing my neighborhood that would probably get me burned as a witch.


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