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Cube Review (1997)

It’s about seven people stuck in an enigmatic lethal structure trying to escape. Cube was directed by Vincenzo Natali (who also directed Splice and Haunter) and stars Nicole De Boer (from Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil), Nicky Guadagni  an...

by Pete Trbovich | July 21st, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

Brad Dourif's Role in the Video Game Myst III: Exile

Brad Dourif should be a household name to anybody browsing this site. He'd better be; he's one of our most prolific actors, with an impressive 28 horror titles under his belt. And that's not all! So experienced was he at creating v...

by Pete Trbovich | July 20th, 2018 | Categories:

Unburied Trailers: Barn of the Naked Dead (1974)

Welcome to our new series: “Unburied” ! Each week, we’re going to select one forgotten oddball horror movie trailer from way back and dig it up so you can play with the bones. And just look what crawled out of the crypt! This week’s tr...

by Pete Trbovich | July 18th, 2018 | Categories:

The Craft Review (1996)

It’s about a high school coven of witches who explore their magical powers until their dangerous stunts get out of hand. The Craft was directed by Andrew Fleming (who also directed Bad Dreams) and stars Robin Tunney (from Supernova), Fairuza Bal...

by Pete Trbovich | July 17th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Clear Critique Lists Six Actually Scary Movies

The Clear Critique YouTube channel poses a common conundrum: The hardcore viewer that appreciates the artistic merit of horror, but isn't actually *scared* by much. For those of us cursed with almost psychopathic levels of nerve, there just isn&#...

by Pete Trbovich | July 16th, 2018 | Categories:

Jacob's Ladder (1990): Deleted Scenes and Commentary

A few deleted scenes from the 1990 cult classic Jacob's Ladder, with commentary by director Adrian Lyne. He talks about how when the visions start, the viewer only has a vague idea what the being's nature is and has to fill in the gaps with i...

by Pete Trbovich | July 15th, 2018 | Categories:

Children of the Corn Review (1984)

It’s about a traveling couple encountering a village run by a cult of children obsessed with corn. Children of the Corn was directed by Fritz Kiersch (who also directed The Hunt and Surveillance) and stars Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton (from King...

by Pete Trbovich | July 14th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

The Real Life Winchester Mystery House

The movie Winchester (2018) is about a firearm company heiress who fears the ghosts of all the people killed by the gun that made her fortune, so she consults psychics and begins building a vast house to appease the spirits. What many people don'...

by Pete Trbovich | July 12th, 2018 | Categories: ,

Unburied Trailers: Premonition (1972)

Welcome to our new series: “Unburied” ! Each week, we’re going to select one forgotten oddball horror movie from way back and dig it up so you can play with the bones. Are you ready to turn on, tune in, and die out? Premonition is a fasc...

by Pete Trbovich | July 11th, 2018 | Categories:

The Cabin in the Woods Review (2012)

It’s about five teens going to a cabin in the woods which is actually a ritual death trap. The Cabin in the Woods was directed by Drew Goddard  and stars Kristen Connolly (from The Bay), Chris Hemsworth  and Anna Hutchison  (from Wrecker). ...

by Pete Trbovich | July 09th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

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