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The Lost Boys TV Show Pilot Ordered

The CW has ordered a pilot for a television show based on the 1987 cult favorite The Lost Boys, according to Deadline. An anthology adaptation was previously attempted by Veronica Mars creator and iZombie writer Rob Thomas three years ago, but The ...

by Jessica Gomez | January 28th, 2019 | Categories:

Terror Films Releases Four New Titles Internationally

Horror distributor Terror Films teamed up with Cyfuno Ventures to release four titles internationally: Asylum, The Lost Footage; Hell Town; After Dark; and Don’t Fuck in the Woods. Asylum: The Lost Footage is a found footage film that r...

by Jessica Gomez | January 27th, 2019 | Categories:

Suspiria Blu-ray Available This Week

Italian director Luca Guadagnino’s first horror film Suspiria, a retelling of Dario Argento’s 1977 groundbreaking film, received polarizing reviews in the horror community. For fans of Guadagnino’s rendition, the Blu-ray becomes available...

by Jessica Gomez | January 26th, 2019 | Categories:

'Shaun of the Dead' Director Edgar Wright Is Making His Return to Horror

Director Edgar Wright gave us one of the best and most recognized horror comedies of all time with Shaun of the Dead in 2004. Since then he’s written, produced and directed, most notably the critically acclaimed Baby Driver in 2017 - but save f...

by Jessica Gomez | January 25th, 2019 | Categories:

'Hereditary' Director Ari Aster On Why Horror is Best for Storytelling

After debuting at the Sundance Film Festival to stellar reviews, psychological thriller Hereditary made waves as a deeply chilling and emotional film that dissected a family’s grief over the loss of the family matriarch. Writer/director Ari Aste...

by Jessica Gomez | January 24th, 2019 | Categories:

Happy Death Day 2U Gets Earlier Release Date After Heartfelt Request from Parkland Father

Happy Death Day 2U, the follow up to Happy Death Day, was set to premiere in theaters February 14th for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, that is the day that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting took place in Parkland last year. Fred G...

by Jessica Gomez | January 23rd, 2019 | Categories:

Cult Classic 'Invasion of the Blood Farmers' Gets Blu-Ray Release

The once-banned micro-budget exploitation horror Invasion of the Blood Farmers is coming to Blu-ray, courtesy of Severin Films. You can pre-order the film now for its February 26 release. The film is set in Westchester County New York, where a...

by Jessica Gomez | January 19th, 2019 | Categories:

Jamie Lee Curtis to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Horror legend Jamie Lee Curtis will receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the 56th Annual International Cinematographers Guild (ICG, IATSE Local 600) Publicists Awards next month, celebrating a monumental four decades in acting. The a...

by Jessica Gomez | January 15th, 2019 | Categories:

Terror Films Releases 'Close Calls'

Richard Stringham’s debut feature film Close Calls has been acquired by film distribution company Terror Films, which has brought us such horror favorites as Hell House LLC and The House on Pine Street . The film will be available across digital pl...

by Jessica Gomez | January 14th, 2019 | Categories:

Mrs. Claus (2018) Review

It’s about a psycho slasher dressed as Mrs. Claus who terrorizes a group of college kids at a Christmas party. Mrs. Claus was directed by Troy Escamilla and stars Helene Udy (from Pin), Brinke Stevens (from The Ritual) and Kaylee Williams (fro...

by Jessica Gomez | December 14th, 2018 | Categories: , | Tags: , ,

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