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‘Tis the Season: 10 Christmas Horror Movies You Should See

Christmas time is officially upon us, and what better way to get into the spirit of the holidays than to celebrate with yuletide cheer – and a bunch of Christmas-themed horror movies, of course. From old slashers to new Krampus warnings, here are our…

by Jessica Gomez | December 12th, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Lunch Ladies Takes Scores “Best Editing” Honor at the Rhode Island Film Festival

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to check out Clarissa Jacobson’s delightfully funny horror-comedy, Lunch Ladies, you’ll definitely want to add it to your must-see list immediately. Not only does it have horror circles all over the world talk…

by Jessica Gomez | December 10th, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Interview with Katie Carpenter of ‘Haunting of Hill House’

The Haunting of Hill House has been the talk of the town in the horror world, and I was lucky enough to interview Katie Carpenter from the series. Carpenter served up some memorable scenes as Stacey, the sultry bridesmaid found hooking up with Theo; …

by Jessica Gomez | December 05th, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Jordan Peele To Write Candyman Reboot

Get ready for another moment in horror history, because Jordan Peele is getting back in the saddle. Peele, who won an Academy Award for his visceral take on racism in his 2017 horror film Get Out, will reportedly co-write a Candyman “re-imagining” al…

by Jessica Gomez | December 03rd, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Interview with ‘Vanilla Cake’ Director Crystal Pastis

As we reported last week, indie film writer/director Crystal Pastis is crowdfunding her newest venture, Death Jaw, where she hopes to create the first “Horror Universe”. Pastis sat down with me to talk Death Jaw, her time working on Jurassic World: F…

by Jessica Gomez | December 02nd, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Haunting of Hill House Star Carla Gugino Hints at Second Season

Hailed by critics and viewers as one of the best contributions to Netflix horror this year, the mega-hit The Haunting of Hill House concluded the Crain family’s story, leaving viewers wondering if and how a second season would take place. Now, Carla …

by Jessica Gomez | December 01st, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Amazon & Blumhouse Ink Deal for 8 Horror Movies

Horror production juggernaut Blumhouse Productions’ sister company Blumhouse Television is taking a new project underway. Amazon announced that it has signed a deal with Jason Blum’s company for eight exclusive features to be available only on Amazon…

by Jessica Gomez | November 23rd, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Slasher Spoof ‘Garden Party Massacre’ Gets Release Date

As horror fans, we all appreciate reprieve from the intensity once in a while. When horror comedies like Shaun of the Dead or Tucker and Dale vs. Evil come around, we’re first in line to check out the hysterical homage to our favorite genre. In that …

by Jessica Gomez | November 21st, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Director Crystal Pastis to Create New “Horror Universe” with Crowdfunded ‘Death Jaw’

Up-and-coming horror writer/director Crystal Pastis wowed the masses with her visceral horror short Vanilla Cake in 2016. Now she’s back, and she’s asking for assistance with her newest idea: a short film called Death Jaw that will create a new sub-g…

by Jessica Gomez | November 14th, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

Dermot Mulroney to Star in TRICK From Horror Legend Patrick Lussier

Halloween may be over, but there’s still room for a new trick. Dermot Mulroney is set to star in Patrick Lussier’s horror thriller Trick, due out next year.

Mulroney stars as no-nonsense Detective Denver, hot on the trail of an elusive serial kill…

by Jessica Gomez | November 08th, 2018 | Categories: | Tags: |

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