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Tethered (2022) Review

It's about a young blind boy surviving alone in the woods, a rope keeping him tethered to his home. Tethered was directed by Daniel Robinette and stars Alexandra Paul (from House Of The Damned, Piranha and The Paperboy), Kareem Ferguson and...

by Ted By Dawn | March 18th, 2022 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Review

It's about a group of young adults who aim to escape the city by populating a rural ghost town, only for their impulsiveness to incur the violent wrath of Leatherface. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was directed by David Blue Garcia and stars Mo...

by Ted By Dawn | March 02nd, 2022 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) Review

It's about the inhabitants of a dying small town banding together to uncover the cause of their sickness at the hands of the sinister Umbrella Corporation. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City was directed by Johannes Roberts (who also direc...

by Ted By Dawn | December 13th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

Spiral (2021) Review

It's about a police officer tormented by a copycat of the infamous Jigsaw Killer, whose sinister game is targeting the city's notoriously corrupt police department. Spiral was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (who also directed Death Of Me ...

by Ted By Dawn | October 25th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

Halloween Kills (2021) Review

It's about the inhabitants of Haddonfield banding together to stop Michael Myer's latest bloody rampage as he spreads fear throughout the town. Halloween Kills was directed by David Gordon Green (who also directed Halloween) and stars Jami...

by Ted By Dawn | October 22nd, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

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