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The Open House (2018) Review

It’s about an overwhelmed mom and her son relocating to a splendid, remote, and dangerous home. The Open House was co-directed and co-written by Matt Angel (who does a cameo here as “Cop #1” and who once guest-starred on The Suite Life of Za...

by TE Simmons | July 13th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: ,

Open House (2010) Review

It’s a home invasion slasher with a captor-captive plot. Open House was written and directed by Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Andrew Paquin (producer of New in Town and  Blue State) and stars his younger sister, fellow Winnipeg-ian Anna Paquin (who wo...

by TE Simmons | July 10th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , , ,

Open House (1987) Review

It’s about a sort of Dr. Frasier Crane talk show psychologist who receives calls from a serial killer and thinks he can outwit him.   Open House was directed by Jag Mundhra (The Jigsaw Murders and Bawandar), who also wrote the original story on...

by TE Simmons | July 09th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Willy's Wonderland (2021) Review

It’s about the fun of being trapped in a haunted fun house. Willy’s Wonderland was directed by Kevin Lewis (who previously directed The Method, The Drop, and Malibu Spring Break), written by G.O. Parsons, and stars Nicolas Cage (Vampire’s Ki...

by TE Simmons | July 07th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Doghouse (2009) Review

It’s about an all-female zombie apocalypse with its genesis in a quaint English village. Doghouse was directed by Jake West (director of Evil Aliens and a slew of really top-notch documentary shorts on horror flicks), written by Dan Schaffer (wh...

by TE Simmons | June 19th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Madhouse (2004) Review

It’s about a madhouse – in which the patients might be saner than it seems. Madhouse was the directorial debut of William Butler (Gingerdead Man 3 and Black Velvet Pantsuit) who also wrote the screenplay. It stars Joshua Leonard (The Blair Wit...

by TE Simmons | June 15th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

House of Dracula (1945) Review

It’s about Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Wolf Man all converging on the house of – wait for it – Doctor Franz Edelmann?! House of Dracula was directed by Erle C. Kenton (who also directed The Ghost of Frankenstein). It stars Joh...

by TE Simmons | June 12th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: ,

Without Warning (1980) Review

It’s about a quartet of teens, a pair of weird hermits, and some bagel-sized flying creatures that attack – wait for it – without warning! Without Warning was directed by Greydon Clark (Dracula vs. Frankenstein and Satan’s Cheerleaders) an...

by TE Simmons | May 14th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Siccin 3: The Forbidden Love (2016) review

It’s about two lovers, the good luck of their charmed tree, the calamities of a curse, and some witchcraft. Siccîn 3: Cürmü Ak was directed by Alper Mestçi (Üç Harfliler: Adak) and co-written with Bekir Acar. It stars Büsra Apaydin, Elif ...

by TE Simmons | May 11th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Playhouse (2020) Review

It’s about the gothic horror of the horror industry. Playhouse was co-written and co-directed by siblings Fionn Watts and Toby Watts, their first feature-length film.  It stars the relatively unknown William Holstead as Jack Travis and Grace Co...

by TE Simmons | May 08th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

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