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VFW (2020) Review

It’s about a group of war veterans who must defend their local VFW post and an innocent teenager, from a psychotic drug dealer and his army of drugged up punks. VFW was directed by John Begos (Bliss) and stars Stephen Lang (Don’t Breathe,Avata...

by Jared Soto | March 25th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) Review

It’s about a small town officer who is tasked with solving a string of brutal murders that occur when a full moon is present. The Wolf of Snow Hollow was directed by Jim Cummings (Thunder Road) and stars Riki Lindhome (The Last House on the Left...

by Jared Soto | March 20th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , ,

Possessor (2020) Review

It’s about Tasya Vos, an elite, corporate assassin, who uses brain implant technology to execute high profile targets. Possessor was directed by Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral) and stars Andrea Riseborough (2020’s The Grudge, Mandy), Christophe...

by Jared Soto | March 09th, 2021 | Categories: , | Tags: , , , ,

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