We <3 Horror Movies

The first horror movie I watched was the original Nightmare on Elm Street back in 1984 when I was just a kid. That movie really messed me up, I was afraid to sleep for weeks. The image of Tina calling to Nancy from inside that bloody body bag… damn, my 8 yr old brain was not prepared for that. And it seems every fellow fan of horror has a similar story. There’s always that one movie, that one scene, that worked on us like a drug. Sure, it took some time to get over the initial shock, but it resulted in a lifelong chase for that same feeling, that next thrill. This is what makes horror so great. Everyone had their own first experience that started their quest. And there’s so much depth to horror (eras, styles, subgenres) that seeking out the next thrill can become a hobby in itself.

This is also what makes horror so frustrating.

Nobody can tell you what's good or bad, scary or not, disturbing or tame. We all have our own taste and levels of experience with horror movies. Movies I find predictable might blow the mind of a new or casual horror movie fan. This creates a fundamental problem when clicking around looking for movie recommendations. You can spend hours looking for that next great horror, reading reviews and eventually becoming totally sold on a particular movie… that you end up hating!

“How could they possibly find this scary (or disturbing, or original, or whatever)?!!”

Sound familiar? If so, then you’ll appreciate why we created All Horror. All Horror was designed to give enough insight to help you determine whether or not you might personally enjoy a movie. We worked to identify the 10 core elements that people use when determining the value of a horror movie. By rating each movie on these 10 elements we’re showing you what you can expect of a movie. We’re helping you determine for yourself, ahead of time, if you’ll personally find a movie scary or intriguing or predictable or frustrating. All Horror was designed to help you find that next great horror, that next great thrill.

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